Are you thinking about installing a pet door at your home? Did you finally decide to open a new world of freedom for you and your furry friend? Doggy doors and cat doors have been in use for centuries now, starting off as simple holes in the walls. Although much has changed since then and we no longer keep cats to hunt rodent pests and dogs to scare away wolves, the pet door, greatly updated and modernized, is still a necessity for the pet-friendly home.

Because our pets are more than just pets, they’re our companions who liven up our dullest days, they deserve to live a long and happy life. And most pets will certainly agree to have a pet flap installed in the home. Here are a few key benefits to consider:


  1. Convenience: Sleep in on Saturday morning

If you’re tired of the back-and-forth routine of letting your pet in and out, then this benefit will greatly intrigue you. Once you have a pet door in your home, you can stay in bed an extra three hours and let your pet roam in and out freely. Waking up at 6 a.m on a Saturday morning will be a thing of the past and you’ll regret not thinking of installing a pet flap earlier in life.

The pet door is a significant addition to your home, especially if you’re clocking long hours at work or taking daily trips somewhere. Having a pet flap is also convenient for your neighbor or friend: now they no longer have to take care of your fluffy friend when you’re gone. Win-win for everyone!


2. Freedom: Now your pet can chase those bugs and lizards freely

Freedom is such a powerful notion. We, humans, have fought so many battles to obtain it. We dream about freedom, teach, advocate, and hope for it. Just like us, our pets demand more freedom and not bigger cages, as many activists might say. Pets are intelligent and feeling creatures after all.

By installing a pet flap, your four-legged friend will have the freedom to engage in species-specific behaviors like chasing a bug or scratching the earth once in a while. Your pet needs the independence to go to the “bathroom” when it pleases, play when it’s in the mood, and run freely when it wishes. Is there a better sight than watching your cat playing with shadows on the wall or your dog rolling around in the grass without constraint?


3. Mental stimulation: Your pet can keep its mind active and busy

Out pets are living, breathing, thinking and feeling animals. Just like their owners, cats and dogs need to exercise their minds. Too little mental stimulation is a recipe for disaster. A bored pet is a destructive pet. They truly need mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Dog doors in glass or cat doors in timber, they are the means to your pet’s health and wellbeing. Now your companion will have a constant challenge and stimulation in order to maintain a good mental fitness. The sight smells, and sounds on the great outdoors will be an excellent stimulation that will help your pet to stay psychologically stable and alert.

4. Pet behavior: No more chewed-on furniture

When your pet is bored, you’ll find out soon enough. You’ll walk home one day to see the pillows torn and the furniture chewed on. And why is the trash all over the kitchen floor?

Dogs and cats might be physically different but they surely respond to boredom in the same way: by displaying an ill behavior. Not having the freedom to roam free and stay busy will result in excessive barking and howling, scratching and digging, getting into food, and other destructive behavior.

The issue of damaging your furniture and home is more problematic if you live in a rental/lease which will prove to be more costly when you eventually move out. Chewing, scratching, or other negative behavior on furniture or household items can be costly. Bathroom accidents can sometimes create a smell and be difficult to clean. A pet that is able to go outside when needed is necessary and can avoid having to clean up messes.


5. Ease of installation: It will be over before you say “catch”

Do you have a sliding door? Or maybe a screen door? All pet doors are easy to install and your pet will be walking through its new door in a matter of hours with a little bit of training. Did I mention that they’re also incredibly affordable and unbelievably practical? They will keep your home insulated, secure, and pet-accident free, and your fluffy friend safe, happy, and in touch with its animal nature. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Dog Doors Types for more info.

Now that you feel certain you want to buy a pet door, why don’t you look at our high-quality, built-to-last collection of pet doors

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