Let’s imagine for a second the happiest place on Earth. Here, people are smiling cheek to cheek, the gentle breeze is playing with their hair, and their furry four-legged animals are playing carefree in the sun. But what if we tell you that these places exist? And they’re scattered all across Sydney! We like to call them dog-friendly parks.

Every dog owner understands the importance of letting their doggie run free in the great outdoors. Especially if they spend most of their days inside the house that’s located in an inner-city area. These dog parks can help your dog stay mentally stimulated, socialise with other animals, and get their daily dose of exercise.

As luck would have it, Sydney is bursting with dog-friendly parks that welcome these furry friends and their caring owners with arms wide open. Let’s explore the most fantastic canine havens!

Centennial Park

Where? Centennial Parklands Sydney NSW 2021

Off-leash? Designated off-leash areas.

Ideal for? Dog runs.

Sydneysiders have been blessed with a dog-friendly park like the amazing Centennial Park. It’s nicely located in the inner east and offers its visitors a whopping 189-hectares of open space for recreation and leisure.

It’s no wonder that more than a million dogs come to play at Centennial Park every year! There are 158 hectares of designated off-leash areas for dogs to run free and play. What’s more, your pup is not going to be the only one enjoying the Sydney sun! There are several cafés where you can get your daily dose of caffeine.

Keep in mind that your dog must be on his leash 10 meters of ponds and waterways, on footpaths and cycle lanes, and within 10 meters of horse areas. And make sure he stays well-hydrated!

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best dog parks Sydney

Sydney Park

Where? Sydney Park Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

Off-leash? Yes, at all times.

Ideal for? Weekend picnics with your dog.

Ask any Sydneysider about the best dog park that pops into their mind, and they’ll say: Sydney Park! This dog haven boasts 40 hectares of lush grass, rolling hills, picturesque wetlands, and landscaped gardens.

Sydney Park is perfect for weekend picnics with your furry friend. The vast green spaces are ideal for active dogs who need to take their daily exercise and stay mentally stimulated.

If you’re coming to the park with the whole family, you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of viewing decks, a coffee shop, a children’s playground with different types of equipment, and areas with barbecues. However, make sure you keep your dog away from the wetlands and cooking areas for their own safety.

A lovely day out for everyone!

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best dog parks Sydney

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Observatory Hill Park

Where? Upper Fort Street, Millers Point NSW 2000

Off-leash? Yes, at all times.

Ideal for? Panoramic views and off-leash sessions with your dog.

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly park in Sydney with a million dollar view, look no further than the Observatory Hill Park. Beautifully located in the city centre, the park offers panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge, free of charge.

And the best part? This grassy and lush hillock is an off-leash area for dogs, at all times. What does this mean? It means that you can head to a nearby café to get your caffeine levels up and let your four-legged friend get his daily dose of mental and physical stimulation. A win-win situation for everyone!

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best dog parks Sydney

Hawthorne Canal Reserve

Where? Darley Rd, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Off-leash? Designated off-leash areas.

Ideal for? Off-leash runs and socialising.

When dogs dream, they’re most likely dreaming about running freely in a park like the Hawthrone Canal Reserve. But what’s so special about this park? Well, apart from offering beautiful off-leash areas for a carefree run, it’s also the home of Sydney’s first puppy friendly café, Café Bones.

This is a well-liked dog-friendly park in Sydney for dog owners and their pets to socialise and meet new friends. There’s plenty of room for coffee-drinking, canine shenanigans, and long grassy runs. What’s more, you can sign up your dog for morning dog training classes that are aimed at improving dog’s obedience.

For more information, please follow this link.

best dog parks Sydney

Rushcutters Bay Park

Where? New South Head Rd, Darling Point NSW 2027

Off-leash? Before 10.30am and after 3.30pm every day.

Ideal for? Quick bites, picnics and dog fun.

Rushcutters Bay Park is an urban paradise for picnics under the Sydney sun while enjoying the view of Rushcutters Bay. Simply grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat from the kiosk and relax under the shade trees. Did we mention that you should also bring your pup with you?

This beautiful dog park is dog-friendly and a fantastic spot for dog cardio and playtime. Doggies on a leash are allowed at all times; however, unleashed dogs are only permitted between 3:30 pm and 10:30 am.

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best dog parks Sydney

Rowland Reserve

Where? Pittwater Rd, Bayview NSW 2104

Off-leash? Yes.

Ideal for? Dog play and splashing in the shallow water.

Rowland Reserve Park is the perfect spot for a lazy day under the sun with your furry friend. Sydneysiders might even tell you that it’s the best dog park/ dog beach in the whole of Sydney. But what makes this park so unique?

For starters, it has a large green area where your doggies can run off-leash freely and play with other canines. The beach itself offers lots of room for running, chasing, and wrestling. Don’t worry! The water is relatively shallow so you and your dog can happily play and splash together.

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best dog parks Sydney

Once your dog gets tired from playing chase in a dog-friendly park and you feel like trying something new, there’s another great adventure awaiting! Sydney is bursting with thrilling and jaw-dropping dog walks that can open a new world of wonders for you and your friend


Before visiting one of the parks, please call their customer service center to ensure their dog-friendly rules still apply. 

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