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There’s a new trend among cat keepers that it’s only gaining in popularity. It’s called cat enclosures and pet owners are over the roof with joy. Why? Because now cats can play freely in the backyard, without any risk of getting away or getting hurt by other animals. They’re an amazing space for cats to play, rest, and enjoy the stimulating outdoors. You can even decorate them with toys and fun accessories to turn them into a feline Wonderland.

Did you Know That Enclosures Can Keep Your Cat Safe, Healthy, and Happy?

A cat enclosure is like a fun room that provides safety and entertainment outdoors. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor cat, these cat containments can be an ideal solution that will put your worrying mind at ease. You’ll be worry-free, knowing that your feline friend is safe exploring the world outside.

To fit every taste and budget, they come in various sizes, colours, and materials.

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Have you Heard That Enclosures Come With a Number of Benefits?

Whether it’s small and simple, or large and luxurious, cat enclosures come with a number of benefits.

Your cat will get more exercise

Everyone knows that cats love being outdoors. They’re natural predators and the outside world is their true home. From running and jumping to chasing insects and playing in the grass, now they’ll have a space of their own to retreat to and play at all times.

Your cat will stay mentally stimulated

When cats spend too much of their time indoors, they can become bored and aggressive. It’s in their nature to explore, stay active, and play. The outdoor cat enclosures give them plenty of space for frolicking, climbing, watching birds and other wildlife, and playing. You can even keep the enclosure stocked with cat toys and other accessories for additional mental stimulation.

Your cat will have a secure outdoor space

Now you don’t have to worry about your neighbor’s pets, raccoons, or traffic. These are some of the main cause of unexpected injuries or death in outdoor cats. A secure outdoor cat enclosure will keep your kitty out of harm’s way for many years to come.

You’ll have fewer vet bills to pay 

Some of the dangers from playing outdoors include diseases like Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, fleas, and other parasites. There’s also the risk of poison, such as fertiliser, lures and native plants. An outdoor cat enclosure can help reduce vet bills and stress from injury to your cat.

You’ll protect local wildlife

Although kitties are exceedingly adorable, they are also predators. The ABC estimates that feral cats In Australia kill nearly 23 million native animals a day. Australian wildlife is unique and you can’t find it anywhere else in the world. By keeping your cat safely enclosed, you’re keeping the Aussie wildlife out of your kitty’s jaws.

You’ll have peace of mind

Cats can now lounge in safety without humans watching its every move. The same applies to humans. Now they can rest at home, guilt-free, knowing their playful cat is in a safe and protected environment.


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Do you Know the Different Types of Cat Enclosures?

You can find various types of cat enclosures to complement your garden, apartment, and lifestyle.


You can find cat enclosures in different sizes, ranging from the smallest for your tiny pets to the largest for bigger breeds of cats. Also, if you have multiple cats that get along well with each other, then a smaller enclosure is the right pick for you. If you have more than one cat who are territorial, then getting a bigger enclosure would be the smart choice. You want your cats to be comfortably independent.

For apartments

There’s no need for despair if you live an apartment and don’t have a backyard. There are many smaller, portable cat enclosures you can find that are perfect for apartments with small balconies or patios. These portable containments can be easily taken down and moved to a new property. If you’re renting and can’t make adjustments to your living space, they’re the ideal pick as they don’t require any permanent attachment.

For backyards

If you have a smaller backyard, you can always buy a vertical cat enclosure. By doing this, you’ll save space and you’ll give your cat the freedom to play safely outdoors. For those with a larger backyard, there’s plenty of large-sized “wonderlands” for your cat, full of possibilities for play and naps!


You can find cat enclosures designed with different materials. There are containments with wood framing, galvanized wire, wire mesh, and netted enclosures.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cat Enclosure

Before clicking the “make a payment” button, there are a few things to consider:

Door, window, or a wall?

You can install a cat door in a window, wall, or door, depending on what your pet likes using. These pet doors can provide your cat with direct access into the cat enclosure or into a cat tunnel leading to a freestanding containment.

Does your cat love to venture out or it plays it safe?

If your cat gets startled easily and carefully checks out the yard before they play outdoors, you may want to use a window box cat enclosure. These are 3-sided enclosures that provide fresh air and a bird’s eye view for your cat to safely enjoy the outdoors.

If you cat likes to venture out for hours, then use can place a larger enclosure in any corner of your yard. You can even build a tunnel that will lead from your home to the enclosure to satisfy your cat’s wandering need.

Is your cat a sun lover or a fan of cool weather?

If your kitty loves lounging in the sun and is not afraid of the heat, then place your enclosure in a part of the yard that is sunny for at least part of the day. If they prefer cooler weather, then locate the enclosure in a shadier spot.

Is it a kitty or a grown cat?

There’s a big difference between the preferences of a kitty and a grown cat. Kitties like to explore higher spaces and seek stimulation. For this reason, it’s a good idea to place shelves at different heights for exercise, balls, chasers, catnip toys, or a cat crawl tunnel. Senior cats are happy laying around on a few low and strategically placed shelves.

Pick Your Perfect Cat Enclosure Today

Give your furry friend the sunshine, freedom, and mental stimulation it deserves with a cat enclosure of your choosing. Not only that your cat can enjoy the outdoors in a fun environment, but it will also stay healthy, happy, and safe! Nurture them in nature and take care of their independent spirit.

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