Dog Doors in Glass


Glass Dog Doors in Sydney

Looking for a high-quality glass pet door for your home or business? Look no further than Sydney Wide Pet Doors! Our glass dog doors are designed to provide your furry friends with the independence and freedom they deserve while also keeping your home or commercial space clean and free of dirt and debris.

In addition to providing convenience and freedom for your pets, our glass pet doors can also help to reduce the amount of dirt and debris brought into your home or business by your furry friends. Give your pets the independence they crave and keep your space clean with a glass door from the best pet door installers in Sydney wide.

We offer a range of glass pet door options to suit your needs and budget. Our permanent glass pet doors are made of durable materials like aluminum, and feature weather stripping and other features to seal out drafts and protect your home or business from the elements.

When choosing a glass dog door, it’s important to determine the type of glass you have. We can help you select the right door for your pet based on your glass type, which can be float, laminated, or safety/toughened.

Safety/toughen glass

For safety/toughen glass, commonly found in sliding doors or windows, our installation services come with a warranty. This type of glass is more vital than other types but shatters into small pieces upon impact. It must be stamped by Australian law for safety glass.


Laminated glass

Laminated glass, if no stamp is found, is 6.38mm thick with a PVB interlayer. This type of glass can be cut on the spot with a 100% guarantee, and our experienced experts have years of experience in this industry.

Glass-fitting dog door

small dog door for glass

If you’re looking for a glass-fitting dog door, consider the Dogwalk Pet-Tek NZ. This door is suitable for single glazing from 4mm to 20mm and sliding windows. Made from 100% virtually indestructible polycarbonate, it’s designed to fit single, double-glazing, and sliding windows. It also features a four-way locking system, generous flap, full weather seal, and automatic flap positioning. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and recyclable.

For glass doors, contact us for a quote and assistance. Our slimline Dogwalk is ideal for sliding glass doors with a 0.8mm clearance or more. No matter what your needs are, Sydney Wide Pet Doors has a glass pet door solution that will work for you.

measure pet for pet door

Installing a pet door in a glass door or window typically involves the following steps:

  1. Measure and mark the location of the pet door on the glass. It is important to measure carefully to ensure that the pet door fits properly and that it is located at a convenient height for your pet.
  2. Cut the hole for the pet door. This can typically be done with a special glass-cutting tool, such as a diamond drill bit or a circular saw with a diamond blade. The whole thing is done directly on a new glass panel off-site for security reasons.
  3. Remove any broken or rough edges from the hole with a file or sandpaper.
  4. Install the frame for the pet door. This will typically involve attaching the frame to the glass with adhesive or screws.
  5. Install the flap or door for the pet door. This may involve sliding the flap into the frame or attaching it with screws or other fasteners.
  6. Adjust the flap or door for proper fit and operation.
  7. Test the pet door to ensure that it is working properly and that it is secure.

It is important to note that installing a pet door in a glass door or window can be a complex and potentially dangerous task, and it is generally recommended to hire a professional to do the installation. A professional installer will have the necessary tools and experience to properly and safely install the pet door.

Trust the leading installers in Sydney for your glass dog door needs – contact us today!