Did you know that Sydney is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world? There are well over 100 beaches that are scattered along the Pacific Ocean coastline and its bays, harbours, and rivers. Some of these beaches are only a few meters long while others span over several kilometers.

But, from so many beaches in and around Sydney, how do you know which ones are dog-friendly? To help you and your dog in your quest for the finest and best dog-friendly beaches in Sydney, we put together this guide and filled it with tons of useful information.

Here’s what we found:

  1. Greenhills Beach in Cronulla

📍Greenhills St, Kurnell NSW 2231

If you wander north of Cronulla, you’ll find a spectacular dog-friendly beach that will steal your pet’s heart. The beach goes by the name of Greenhills Beach and features pale sands and plenty of waves. You and your pup can go on a 30-minute dog walk along the coastline and explore this breathtaking area. Dogs are allowed off-leash only before 10 am and after 4 pm. These are the best hours for a walk or a run before the day gets too hot.

Perfect for: Long and relaxing walks with your four-legged friend. Your dog can run in the sand, play with the waves, or socialise with other pets. On a warm morning, you can see many pets taking advantage of Cronulla’s natural beauty and coastline.

What do visitors say: Relatively clean and nice sand coupled with a huge stretch of beach that is good for people and furballs alike. It is also only a short 5-10 minute drive away from local eateries and pubs that see over the beach which is always appreciated after a long walk or swim.

dog friendly beaches Sydney

2. Silver Beach – Kurnell

📍Prince Charles Parade, Kurnell NSW 2231

Offering fantastic views of Botany Bay, Silver Beach in Kurnell is a remarkable dog-friendly beach with plenty of space for your friend to run free. It’s a quiet strip of sand with hardly any waves so it’s perfect for dogs to have a splash and refresh in the shallow water. Your adorable ball of fur is allowed to frolic free on the pale sand and in the water at any time of the day, but only between the third and fourth jetties at Bonna Point Reserve. Make sure you keep an eye on him as doggies are prohibited at all other areas on Silver Beach.

Perfect for: Mesmerizing views of the bay and a laid-back day with your pal. This is the ideal spot you could spend your Sunday, especially if you’re a fan of harbour beaches. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to avoid dog dehydration and an umbrella to prevent any sunburns.

What do visitors say: A short, calm, and slightly messy beach – which the dogs seem to love. They can have a swim without risking tumbling surf. And of course, there’s the nearby cafe that seems to attract nearly everyone after a visit to the beach.

dog friendly beaches Sydney

3. Curl Curl Beach

📍Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve, 79 Carrington Parade, CurlCurl  

Hidden in the Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve lies the beautiful Curl Curl Beach. Tucked between Dee Why and Freshwater Beach, this is an exciting spot for your dog to have a blast. If you go to the northern end of this dog-friendly beach in Sydney, you’ll discover a jaw-dropping spot where Curl Curl lagoon meets the sea. Your pup will love splashing in the shallow lagoon, socialise with other doggies on the golden sand, or playing fetch. There are two access points to the lagoon; North CurlCurl carpark and Mid CurlCurl carpark.

Perfect for: A fun day with your four-legged friend and moments under the Sydney sun. The amazing news is that dogs are allowed off-leash at all times. So let your dog run free until he’s spent and bring your favourite book along. The facilities are great too and include dog waste bins, a drinking area, and public toilets.

What visitors say: Curl Curl Beach is a true natural beauty with its rocky headlands, sun-soaked beach, and open parklands and reserve. An amazing spot to exercise your dog with seaside views.

dog friendly beaches Sydney

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4. Rose Bay Beach

📍Dumaresq Road, Rose Bay NSW 2029

Sydneysiders have another natural wonder to appreciate and that’s Rose Bay Beach. With its pale sands and shallow waters, this dog-friendly beach is an amazing spot for your ball of fur to stretch his legs and get a whiff of fresh air. Doggies are free to play fetch, socialise with other dogs, and have a splash in the water at all hours. In the meantime, dog owners can enjoy a full-frontal view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There’s also free two-hour parking near the beach.

Perfect for: A laid-back weekend with your pal. If your dog loves the water, he can go for it at any time in the calm water. You may also visit Dumaresq reserve on the north side but keep in mind that off-leash times there are before 8:30 am and after 4:30 pm.

What visitors say: I come to the beach often and it’s an ideal spot for dog owners! The water is shallow, perfect for dogs and kids! There’s an amazing view of the harbour bridge in the distance. Great for watching sunsets too.

dog friendly beaches Sydney

5. Sirius Cove Reserve – Mosman

📍Sirius Cove Road, Mosman, NSW

Sirius Cove Reserve is home to a hidden gem. This charming little bay houses a quiet dog-friendly beach that’s any active pet’s dream. Located in the suburb of Mosman in Sydney’s lower north shore, Sirius Cove Reserve is a laid-back and tranquil beach that’s nestled between weeping willows and old gum trees. It’s also ideal for picnics in the grassy area behind the beach! Doggies can run free around the beach at any time during weekdays, but when weekends come they’re only allowed before 9 am and after 4 pm. The good thing is that you have unlimited all-day parking available nearby.

Perfect for: A day with the family and bonding time with your dog. The Taronga Zoo is a 3-minute drive away so after you’re done petting the animals there, continue your adventure here at this breathtaking dog-friendly beach.

What visitors say: Lovely spot to take your dog running on a Sunday afternoon, with plenty of space and small very gentle waves. The water is very shallow so it’s perfect to walk into with your four-legged friend without having to swim.

dog friendly beaches Sydney

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6. Manly Lagoon Reserve, Queenscliff

📍Pittwater Rd, Manly NSW 2095

Manly Lagoon Reserve is a local favourite and well worth traveling to visit, especially for dog owners. Queenscliff lagoon is an amazing place for doggies playing in the sand and launching themselves into the water. Their owners can chit-chat with other people and enjoy a cup of coffee under the Sydney sun. Smaller dogs can splash in the flat shallows while bigger doggies can test the deeper water further up the lagoon. The beach is an off-leash dog-friendly area on weekdays, but pets are prohibited on weekends. If you’re looking for an off-leash beach during weekdays, head over to the nearby Curl Curl Beach.

Perfect for: Dog sessions in the water and an unforgettable adventure on a weekday.

What visitors say: Love taking our dog to this reserve, not only because he can go for a swim, but because mostly everyone we meet down there are friendly dog lovers themselves.

dog friendly beaches Sydney


Before visiting one of the beaches, please call their customer service center to ensure their dog-friendly rules still apply. 

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