You might have an adorable dog that loves to spend most of his time in your spacious backyard. Every time you peek outside your window, you see him running free in the great outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. But what do you do when heavy rains fall, or it gets hot?

Having a super cute pup doesn’t only entail cuddling and going on dog walks, beach runs, or trips to the park. It means that you must take proper measures to ensure he’s always comfy, healthy, and protected from the elements. Especially because Sydney is notorious for having a dry and hot climate. 

So, if your friend likes to relax and sleep in your backyard, it’s a smart idea to make the experience even more enjoyable and invest in a lovely dog house. 

What a fantastic idea! If only you thought of it before! 

Luckily for you, it’s never too late to buy a great dog house. To find out everything you need to know about pet houses, we’ve prepared this insightful and informative guide. Let’s dive in!

What is the house of a dog called?  

These little dog homes bear many different names, depending on where you live. Some people like to call them doghouses or kennels, while others know them as dog sheds and pet houses. However you call them, they have one common purpose, and that is to provide pups a sense of security and protection from different weather conditions. 

Apart from coming in different names, dog houses also come built from various materials. Regardless if you’re a fan of wooden houses or plastic ones, you’ll surely find the best shed for you and your friend. 

Pet houses come in several sizes to meet your tastes and needs. You’ll find them in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes. There’s no need to worry whether your best friend is a tiny Chihuahua or a large dog like a Golden Retriever.

What are the benefits of a pet house?

Cheaper than fencing

Setting fences around your yard can be expensive but also time-consuming. So, if your budget is tight, buying a dog house can be more wallet-friendly. It’s a great alternative to fencing, plus it comes with the added benefit of sheltering your pup from extreme weather. 

Protect your dog from the elements

Although Sydney has no distinct dry or wet season, rainfall is frequent in the first half of the year. Precipitation varies across the region, but the areas that are closest to the coast are the wettest. What’s more, it’s been estimated that Sydney receives nearly 20 thunderstorms every year. The city also experiences an urban heat island effect, meaning it’s vulnerable to extreme heat. In recent years, Sydney has become more prone to heatwaves and drought. 

If you consider these extreme weather conditions, it’s only wise to invest in a good dog kennel for your friend. Whether it’s hot or raining outside, you can have peace of mind that your pup is safe and comfortable.  

Useful all year round

Dog sheds aren’t seasonal. You don’t need to buy separate ones for warm and cold weather. Investing in only one will mean long-term protection and safety for your ball of fur. Insulated pet houses will keep your dog warm in the winter days and cool in the summertime. 

Custom built by hand

The majority of dog sheds you’ll find on the market are not only super stylish and practical, but they’re also custom-built by hand. They’re the epitome of premium craftsmanship and are designed from quality materials. Being so, you can rest assured that your dog will enjoy the utmost comfort and you will admire the premium design. 

If you need a door attached, please check out our modern dog doors. We offer a wide selection of dog door types for every taste and budget. 

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Are dog houses good for dogs?

A dog house can be a smart option for your friend if he spends a lot of time outside. He’ll need protection from the elements in case of extreme weather. The house can serve as a resting place between fetch games on hot summer days to help prevent heatstroke in dogs. 

If the conditions outside become too severe, then you should have your pet indoors. 

Dog sheds can also be of great benefit if you’re a dog owner of a fearful pet that needs a safe haven to feel secure. However, if your dog has a fearful character, it’s also suggested to do training sessions with a certified trainer outside. He needs to be properly trained not to run away when he’s spooked and get more sociable. Your outdoor house should not replace training. It should only be a place for him to hide when the world seems a little overwhelming. 

What’s the best dog shed for my pet?

The best dog kennel for your friend is the one that best fits your budget, preferences, and needs. There are a variety of different types of houses on the market and the most popular include:

Wood Dog Houses 

Wood is the most popular material for pet houses. Its popularity is due to the level of quality it lends to a product, extra durability, and utmost protection for the pup. Add in the low cost and customization of design and you got yourself a winner. The best part? You can paint wood dog houses in any colour your heart desires. 

Plastic Dog Houses

Plastic dog sheds have been gaining popularity in recent days. Why? Because they’re lightweight and you can easily carry them from one place to another. They’re also cheaper than wood houses and require less maintenance. You’ll find them in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It’s very simple to put a plastic house together after purchase. Most of them require little to no construction on your part. 

Metal Dog Houses 

Although not as popular as wood houses, metal kennels are sometimes used as dog shelters. They’re made from stainless steel or aluminum and are deeply insolated. These doghouses are more durable than wooden and plastic doghouses and can’t be chewed on by your pet or succumb to wood rot.

Fiberglass Cave Dog House 

Fiberglass dog houses are even harder to find than the ones made out of metal. Designed from heavy-duty fiberglass, these doghouses are durable and resistant to rotting. The fiberglass is strong enough to keep out leaks even in heavy rainstorms. Apart from being very hard to find, they’re also quite expensive. 


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What are the most popular styles of dog kennels?

Dog sheds come in different styles, and it’s up to you to decide which one suits your pup the best.

The best ones are:

  • Classic. Do you remember the kind of house Snoopy uses? Well, this is the one. This type of house has a roof in the shape of a triangle so it makes the house resemble a human home. The classic doghouse is a popular choice for its durability and aesthetics, and due to the fact that it can keep your friend cool during the hot months. 
  • Igloo. The igloo dog dens are dome-style houses that are fantastic for keeping your pal warm in the cold winter months. They feature ventilation openings that promote the flow of fresh air through the shed. These houses are also very stable in high winds. 
  • Gazebo shelters. Gazebo-styled shelters are a fantastic choice if you live in an area that can get extremely hot and dry. These houses feature fenced-in enclosures that have a canvas top. Meaning, your dog will get to relax in the cool shade while still enjoying the breeze. 

Make sure that you don’t choose form over function. It’s more important to get a house that works well for your dog than it is to pick the one you find visually appealing. 

What wood is best for a dog house?

Getting a pet house means that your pal will have his own space to retreat to. This space will be his shelter, shade, and den. You want to make sure that his home is safe, secure, and resistant to leaks and mold. 

The best choice depends on the climate in your area, available materials, and your dog. The best options for wood include:

  • Pine. This type of wood is an affordable material for doghouses. It’s strong enough to support a dog house construction and soft enough to work with. What’s more, pine has natural patterns and grains in the wood that give any construction an aesthetic appeal. It’s durable against termites and the roughest of dogs, and it’s also environmentally and pet-friendly. 
  • Cedar. This type of wood is a logical choice for people who live in an area with warm and humid weather such as Sydney, Australia. The wood is widely used for its softness, texture, and rich colour. It’s resistant to rotting, so it will shelter your pal from humid and wet conditions. What’s more, cedar is a natural insect repellent, so it will keep the annoying bugs away. 
  • Engineered wood. This type of wood is a fantastic alternative to cedar or pine wood as it has more dimensional strength and can be less costly. It’s also eco-friendly as it’s made from second-growth, smaller-diameter trees as well as material left over from the cutting of other trees. 

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How much does a dog house cost? 

The price of a pet house varies, depending on the size, the type of materials used, and its functionalities.

  • On average, the price ranges anywhere from $70-$500. 
  • High-quality wood houses range from $150-$250. 
  • Plastic dog houses usually cost $100-$200. For a metal doghouse, expect to pay anywhere from $200-$400. 
  • The average price for a fiberglass dog cave is around $600.
  • Higher-end dog houses can cost you thousands of dollars.

If the dog house doesn’t have proper air circulation, you can purchase a solar exhaust fan to reduce humidity. This will cost you around $70. You can also install heating systems for $50-$150, but chances are you won’t need one if you live in and around Sydney. 

Our dog houses are made by Aarons Outdoor Living, a company that’s been supplying exceptional outdoor products to Australians for 25 years. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Australian backyard products that are made from the highest-grade materials. Each product is Australian-made and boasts an innovative and aesthetic appeal. 

Aarons’s dog kennels are built to last! The kennels:

  • are made from arsenic-free treated pine with Australian Hardwood Trims
  • feature removable cottage green Colorbond roof for easy access and cleaning
  • are generously sized with off-set door
  • have a raised waterproof floor


Final Say

Before buying a dog house, be sure to consider the temperature and precipitation patterns in your area. This is the only way to have peace of mind that your pup is comfortable, safe, and healthy. If you live in and around Sydney, you’ll need to prioritize things like headroom and ventilation. Luckily, you have dozens of different options to choose from! If you’re good with hands, consider constructing your own dog house from scratch.

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