Looking for your ideal Valentine’s Day partner? Look no further than your own backyard. It turns out that dogs are better than humans when it comes to romantic celebrations.

Surely, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time of the year for many couples in love. For others, not so much. You might be “flying solo”, or you simply don’t like all the fuss about going gift shopping, making dinner reservations, and thinking about how to impress the person you love.

For many happy couples out there, Valentine’s Day happens all throughout the year. They don’t need a specific holiday to tell their partners how their heart melts when their eyes meet.

So, if you’re without a date this year or if you need to show your love to a different species, why not spend Valentine’s Day with your dog? They are, after all, better partners than humans for Valentine’s Day. Why? Only for a number of reasons!

They Don’t Care What You Wear

The best thing about going on a date with your dog is that he doesn’t care whether you slipped into your finest outfit. They like you in sweat pants and in overalls. With expensive shoes and with no shoes. The point is: they like you just as you are.

Choosing what to wear is probably the most excruciating thing about Valentine’s Day. You’re trying too hard to make a good impression that you might end up spending too much cash on an outfit. Simply put on your most comfortable clothes and take your dog for an unforgettable walk around the park.

dogs are better than humans for Valentine's Day

Dogs are Better Than Humans Because There’s No Need for Reservation

You dial the number of your favourite restaurant in town only to find out that there’s no table available for the big day. One minute you feel like shedding a tear and another like screaming your lungs out. It seems like everyone has envisioned to spend the holiday in the same way as you.

When you’re celebrating the holiday with your dog, there’s no need for fancy dinner reservations and romantic gestures. He’ll absolutely love a car ride and a drive-through cheeseburger. Half the stress, double the fun!

You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot of $$$ for a Present

Another highlight of Valentine’s Day is gift-giving. You need to try hard to figure out what present would surprise and impress your partner. And sometimes you’re expected to spend big bucks on it! Unfortunately, not always do we pick the ideal gift and we end up spending hours trying to exchange or return it.

Luckily, dogs don’t wait for a special gift on Valentine’s Day. But they’re always on the lookout for some yummy snack. Valentine’s day gifts for dogs are cheaper than wristwatches and perfumes and holiday trips. Your puppy will be content with a nice doggy bed or a bone chew toy.

dogs are better than humans for Valentine's Day

Dogs are Better Than Humans Because It’s Easy to Please Them in the Kitchen

Cooking for your partner on Valentine’s Day can be a challenging experience. Especially if you’ve been dating for only a couple of months. You desperately want to make an impression, so you download a cookbook and try experimenting. What meal would win their heart?

When your dog is your date for Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to lock yourself in the kitchen for days. You already know what’s their favourite meal: peanut butter shortbread cookies!

They’re More Adorable

We’re sure that your partner’s face is beautiful, but doesn’t your pet’s face melt your heart? Their mesmerizing eyes, their soft fur, and their tongues hanging out from their mouths. Simply woof-dorable!

Their warmth and their playfulness is everything you need for Valentine’s day date. They can turn even the toughest person into a sweet-talking softie. You look at that sweet, fluffy dog and you just know: this is real love.

Dogs Are More Loyal

When your date for Valentine’s Day is your doggy, you can be sure that he will never leave your side. Despite any fights or disagreements, they won’t slam the door in your face or cancel your dinner plans.

The touching stories of dogs who wait endlessly for their owners to return are not fictional. The evidence is right there in front of your eyes. Can’t you see the delight in his eyes when you come home from work? Doesn’t he greet you like you haven’t seen each other in weeks? If that isn’t true loyalty, we don’t know what is.

You Get Tons of Love and Not a Gram of Pressure

Your dog has no idea what Valentine’s Day is. He won’t complain about a gift or your choice of restaurant. He won’t say how you don’t care about the relationship anymore and blame you for cheating.

Your four-legged friend can only scratch the door if he feels like taking a walk. Or bark if his tummy is empty. And at the end of the night, he won’t be causing scenes or threatening to break up with you. He’ll lay his fluffy ears in your lab, promising to love you forever.

dogs are better than humans for Valentine's Day

There’s No Doubt That You’ll Be Spending the Night Together

If your four-legged friend is your date for Valentine’s day, there’s no need to worry about spending the night alone. There’s also no need to shop for sexy lingerie or get frustrated why you didn’t try harder to lose those extra 3 kilograms.

Your pet is going to bed with you tonight, despite what the scale says or how romantic the night turns out to be. They won’t hesitate for a second about falling asleep comfortably next to you, calling it a night.

Dogs are Better Than Humans Because Their Love Is Unconditional

Even if all your friends leave you, and your partners disappoint you, your dog will always be there by your side. Their devotion and adoration, just like our universe, is endless and always expanding.

And sometimes, “a dog is the only thing that can fill the void in your empty heart”.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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