Electronic Dog Doors: The Best of 2023

Smart living homes are evolving to include high-end electronic dog doors that your pet would love.  The advancement of technology has brought us a number of benefits. From accessing any type of information on the internet to experiencing a more comfortable lifestyle, technology gave us an abundance of opportunities.

8 Dog Birthday Ideas to Show Your Love and Appreciation

Dogs give us so much love and attention, so why shouldn't we give something back? After all, they're a part of the family. And what do you do when your pup's birthday arrives? You throw them a nice dog birthday party and shower them with dog treats and gifts. If your furry friend's big day

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Doggie Door?

Have you recently bought a doggy door? Here are a few dog door training tips that can make the training sessions more fun and rewarding. Dogs can be skeptical and fearful of new things. If you've recently bought a doggy door and want to train your pet on how to use it, you will need

The 8 Most Charming Dog-Friendly Cafés in Sydney

Let us guess! You love puppies and have an endless love to give to your little ball of fur. There's something else you love and that’s grabbing a tasty meal and a cup of espresso with your friends. But the thought of leaving your doggy home alone is giving you a heartache. There’s no need